A digital store which has been years in the making and currently being developed by Teddy Kossoko is hoping to address the challenges faced by African developers whilst being the point of reference for creators of African origin as well as supporters of the continent.

We just released the design of the web version of the apps, games and ebooks store dedicated to Africa.

Speaking on the Gara reveal in 2020, Teddy Kossoko who is the founder of Masseka Game Studio spoke on his ambition and inspirations for the store front. “In 2018 I launched a first game on the play store. I put the same effort into marketing in Europe and Africa. I managed to generate money in Europe and not in Africa. By looking at the reasons, I realized the problems of monetization, which all creators face.

This platform will be the web version of the Android store Gara. The objective is to use the web version to distribute rapidly contents before finding a deal with telco. Version 1.0 of the platform is scheduled to launch in early 2022.