Tunisian studio NewGen have teased details of their latest game – West Hunt. The studio is the brainchild of SeifEddine Ben Hamouda whilst still a student. Along with his cohort of side kicks they participated in national and international challenges with mobile games on Google Play before transitioning to PC. They are the developers of MOBA Clash: Mutants vs Pirates.

In a public post, a statement from the developers reads:

While some of us were busy studying and preparing plans for “Clash: Mutants Vs Pirates” the game, others jumped into the dev of a new title with a new idea, a new concept, and mechanics. We are happy to announce that the “West Hunt” pre-alpha version is ready and we will keep up with it until reaching a stable beta. 

This new game is a very unique funny experience, cross-platform (including Switch). We already started some closed pre-alpha tests with people and we are getting encouraging feedback! 

Anyone keen to follow the development of the game can do so by signing up to the games Discord server.