Almost twelve months have passed since Nigerian based, Gbrossoft announced their decision to postpone their game Outliver: Tribulation, citing a need to polish and bolster the games structure and game play.

“Due to our desire to make the game more robust, polished and deliver optimal user experience, we would like to announce the postponement of the game’s release to a later date. We apologize for this delay and implore your continued understanding.”

Their first series of updates showcased completely redesigned in-game environments as well as some information on their new overhauled systems. This time around, new, pre-alpha gameplay footage showcases a redesigned protagonist Bola and some new characters; Olotu – The Keeper of the Realm of Tribulations and the Male Wanderer- an entity that stalks the player character in the Realm of Tribulations.

Outliver: Tribulation is a third-person survival horror game developed with the Unreal Engine and set in a fictional supernatural realm of African mythology about a soldier on the run from terrorists.