Cameroonian developer Joinplay Games is a recipient of Humble Bundle’s Black Game Developer Fund. The studio which is founded by Michel Nkuinja joins four other developers to share more than $200,000 in startup funds to create playable builds of their games, which will then be evaluated for larger investment or publishing.

Joinplay Games have been awarded the fund to aid the development of Amma: Chronicles of Lost Stars – “A 3D Afrofantasy action-adventure RPG set in a charming world, rich with exploration and narration inspired by the Dogon mythology.”

Following the news, Michel Nkuinja said, “So happy to have Humble as part of the program. With this support we’ll bring one of the most beautiful Afro-fantasy game to the world.”

The list of the other recipients include:

Stormy Nights Interactive’s Breeze in the Clouds – “A side-scrolling, hand-brawling platformer where the neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers. Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world!”

Epoch Media’s PENSION$ – “Based on a graphic novel, PENSION$ is the story of a financially strapped college professor who is approached by a mysterious cowboy that presents him with a lucrative opportunity. The job—manipulating the state’s pension program by killing off retirees.”

Adam Kareem’s Protodroid DeLTA – “A 3D action-platformer set in a beautiful Solarpunk world with a hopeful yet non-utopian vision of the future.”

Taco Pizza Cat’s KindFolx – “A single player collectible card game dungeon crawler that turns the genre on its head with exciting real time battles. Randomly selected enemies, events, and treasures will make each run different.”

Joinplay Games is being supported by Finnish Living Game Intelligence Network (LGIN). LGIN is a free support network for the Finnish game industry that matches volunteer and mentors with young game teams to organise workshops, networking as well as offer coaching support.

Developers wishing to learn more about the program can do so by reaching out to the Black Game Developer Fund advisors, Justin Woodward and Sithe Ncube with questions by emailing