Nigerian studio, Maliyo Games are celebrating the success of their latest casual game, Whot King card game, which has been featured on the Nigerian App store.

Whot is a popular card game played by millions of people around the world. It is however especially favoured, in a lot of West African countries such as Nigeria and affectionately viewed as the “national card game”. Whot King is designed to complement that tradition, with remarkably simple and intuitive gameplay.

The game was featured on the App Store as part of a recent feature designed to celebrate Africa creativity.

Maliyo CEO & Founder, Hugo Obi said “In designing Whot King, we considered the possibility that a lot of people might be first-time Whot players. That’s why we included an interactive tutorial to simplify the player onboarding process”.

Like many young people growing up in Nigeria and across West Africa, I played Whot game. As a game developer, I wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing and immersive gaming experience and take Whot to the global community of casual mobile gamers. I believe we can achieve this with Whot King,” Obi concluded.

Lagos based Maliyo Games has been developing mobile titles for years inspired by African themes which is visibly represented in the game environments, sounds,
stories, and characters they create.

Whot King is available now on smart devices via the App store and Google Play stores.