Originally, set for release in 2019, Kiroo Games has been slowly trickling out new bits of information for their next project – Le Responsable Mboa or The Mboa Manager.

It’s been billed as the first game that will allow players to well…play out the working and personal life of a government official from intern to minister in the fictional province of Mboa. Apart from gameplay mechanics revolving around the workplace, the game will also provide gameplay featuring privacy and interpersonal management including some pillow talk.

Yaounde based Kiroo Games rose to prominence for their work on Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, an action RPG that broke new ground for challenging perception of what themes a role playing game explored. It released on PC and was published by French based publisher – Dear Villagers. Le Responsable MBOA is taking a different route. It will be mobile based, self published and delves deep into the daily grind of an African civil worker.