Electronic Sports North Africa (ESNA) have created a new social gaming platform with the primary aim of bringing together gamers of Morocco together.

Currently in beta, ESNA claims to be the first 100% Moroccan tool to bring together all the services dedicated to video games in the form of a dynamic social network all from a single platform.

In a post on social media, the post reads: Our ambition is to bring together the Moroccan gaming community in the same place, experienced or just beginner. We want to showcase talent, regardless of age, region or language. We believe in the abilities of each gamer and in their desire to fully live their passion. We believe in people who see the world differently, smart thinkers and strategists who can find the best options whatever the game. We believe in the community and its desire to go hand in hand. This is why we created the ESNA platform.

To learn ore about the platform or to sign up head on over to the ESNA website.