Enter Africa has entered the esports plain following an agreement with WESCO (World Esports Consortium). Enter Africa is an initiative initially funded by the Goethe Institute and is a creative African network represented in 15 African countries

The two entities are now united to create synergy, opportunities and better conditions for the people of the entire African continent, but also creating the same opportunities for them in the world of games and electronic sports as the rest of the world, to ensuring greater sustainability, education and social inclusion for citizens across the continent, with games, their development and electronic sports as a career, as well as a tool to better create good citizens.

“With this partnership the youth of Africa finally have access to explore opportunities in the world of gaming and esports. This powerful initiative brought about by the visionary leadership of WESCO president, Daniel Cossi presents to the youth of Africa exposure to the latest trends on the gaming and esports world, which will help them discover their passion, harness and hone their skills and talents and ultimately understand better how they can fit into the industry pursuing various and rewarding careers. This is in perfect alignment with the “Changing the People, Changing the World” initiative of WESCO. This program certainly will change lives here in Africa”.

Emmanuel Oyelakin, President of African Advisory Board

WESCO has been operating in 58 countries, from continental esports governing bodies to regional and national esports governing bodies, and also private companies from many different areas from all over the world under the esports ecosystem.