The African games industry is at an inflection point. The 2020 trends report touched on some of the exciting initiatives in the works. However, one aspect that wasn’t touch on, was the need for reliable data and analytics on gaming across the continent. It’s a sentiment shared by most, with Senegalese based YUX recently publishing a report on casual mobile gaming in Dakar and Abidjan.

Utilising a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodology techniques upon a relatively small test pool, the report confirms some games industry trends and throws up some surprising revelations.

The top 3 most popular themes are sports, racing and adventure with mobile being the most played gaming platform.

80% of gamers haven’t heard of games with a distinctly African flavour and perspective. With 66% of respondents playing more than 3 times everyday. The report also shows a willingness to pay for content with 25% doing so.

As country reports go, it’s an exciting attempt at collating and presenting information on the state of the industry. It will be great to see how a report of this kind develops as well as identifying any parallels between different markets and platforms. It is a great time to be in the African gaming space.

The full report can be downloaded from the YUX website.