As years go, it’s been a bumper one for Kiroo Games. From branching out into graphic books to the launch of their own open source investment platform, all indications are the only way is up for the Cameroon based developer and publisher.

CEO of Kiro’o Games, Olivier Madiba is the very definition of a pioneer. Renowned for starting one of the first game studios in West Africa, the first African RPG (Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan) and most recently a crowdfunded investment call that has garnered huge support and general acclaim, he was keen to laud the studios successful year.

The investment in Kiroo Games reaches $628,000 in subscriptions!! 503 investors in the transaction, and more than 190 already actual shareholders. Kiroo Games is the first video game studio in Cameroon, our goal is to reach 1 million customers in 12 African countries and generate at least $20 million in annual turnover by 2030. From 2013 to 2019, Kiroo’s share price has increased ten-fold and is expected to increase an additional seven-fold by 2026. 

Olivier Madiba

Interested parties keen to join the Kiroo Games success train as investors can do so by reading the business plan summary on the investment page.