Kenyan experimental studio, Nyabingi is the brain child of Edwin Nyaluogo who look set to unleash their unique fusion of art and technology in the form of action shooter – Bingiman.

The premise of the project reads – Fight like hell through the forces of evil in this first-person shooter’s single player campaign. As the lone former special forces soldier of Kayaland, you’ll use powerful weapons and fast movement to save your girlfriend from the relentless enemies holding her captive.

Featuring exclusive music from Wuod Baba as well as 3D paintings by Edwin Nyaluogo, BSQ Crew, Jessy Akoko, Niko Mambo, Coster Ojwang, Antony Okeya and many more African artists.

Built on Unity, the game will be released on PC and is scheduled for an April 2020 release.