Vodafone is bringing smart phone functionality to Tanzania by joining forces with KaiOS (the fastest growing and third ranked operating system) in the form of the Smart Kitochi.

The Smart Kitochi, launched by Vodacom Tanzania PLC, Tanzania’s leading cellular network company, is powered by KaiOS, starting at a discounted price of TZS 48,000 ($20 USD).

The device also provides access to popular apps such as WhatsApp, the Google Assistant, Facebook, YouTube, and many other unique native content, giving more Tanzanians access to a previously inaccessible digital society, via the KaiStore.

“We launched in the African market a year ago with a focus on ensuring first-time mobile users have access to affordable solutions, and we’re excited to expand these efforts into Tanzania alongside Vodacom, Azumi and MediaTek,” said Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies. “The digital divide is very prevalent across Africa, but we know devices like the Smart Kitochi, will positively impact people’s lives. We’re also focused on building a content ecosystem through our developer portal and supporting African developers, through developer workshops across the continent. These efforts ensure content and services are valuable and relevant to each individual market.”

KaiOS is a light operating system, which enables affordable smart feature phones that require limited memory, while still offering a rich user experience. It’s so far best placed to provide an eco-system ripe for African based game developers to have their content reach a wide instal base.