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Afrobytes Nairobi 2020

Kenya continues to be a hotbed of activity within the tech and gaming scene across the African continent. This is further emphasised by Afrobytes decision to diversify their portfolio of events into gaming culminating into the first such event in Nairobi.

MakeGamesSA Community Event

MakeGamesSA community event is set for its first meetup of the decade later this month. MakeGamesSA is a non-profit organisation focused on establishing sustainable game development companies in South Africa. It aims to act as a voice piece for the game development community and promote proper game development education.

Digital Lab Africa Applications Open to Creatives

Something for local game developers and creators at the start up phase. The Digital Lab Africa call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, start-ups, students in the media and creative industries. The call is open to anyone from Sub-Saharan Africa having an innovative project.

Developers Gear up for Global Game Jam

Another year brings with it another edition of the Global Game Jam. This time with a host of venues scattered across the continent. Sidick Bakayoko will oversee West and Central Africa, whilst Thierry Brochart is tasked with South East Islands. Looking to join the activities, then sign up at one of the many venues below:

A MAZE Award Submissions Now Open

The A MAZE. Award website is up and running! An excellent opportunity for local developers to register as part of the selection committee or submit their games and playful media works from NOW until Feb 2nd!

2020 African Games Industry Trends

Perusing games industry end of year reports and predictions for the coming year has always been a source of mild irritation because whilst most claim to have a global perspective, they almost always exclude insights from the African continent. Pretty frustrating right? Well, fret no more.

Prosearium initiative to target female developers

Founded by Sithe Ncube, Prosearium is a newly launched initiative designed to get 1000 African women of all backgrounds to create and upload their own games on a platform designed to convey the digital experiences of women across the continent.

Lual Mayen reveals latest project

Amidst the glitz, glamour, congratulatory back slaps and accolades that have become synonymous with The Game Awards, Lual Mayen returned to a the global gaming stage to present an update on his latest project – Salaam.