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South African developers funded by SUPERHOT Team

Team Lazerbeam, a Cape Town based studio are to have their latest project dubbed ‘Teenage Blob’ Half game. Half album. A colourful artsy looking -punk sounding hybrid in a unique split release with The Superweaks and funded by the makers of SUPERHOT.

MakeGamesSA Community Event

MakeGamesSA community event is set for its first meetup of the decade later this month. MakeGamesSA is a non-profit organisation focused on establishing sustainable game development companies in South Africa. It aims to act as a voice piece for the game development community and promote proper game development education.

Chat with Limpho Moeti

Limpho Moeti is the Deputy Festival Director for Playtopia with her industry credits including a stint at Free Lives (BROFORCE, GORN, GENITAL JOUSTING). She is also a seasoned event speaker with some of her festival credits including A MAZE./ Berlin, Nordic Gam Jam and the Game Developers of Color. She devoted some time to chat with GIA.