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The Great Divide – Nick Hall

Nick Hall is a seasoned veteran of the South African games industry. He has been a legal counsel for the majority of game development companies in South Africa as well as the founder of Playtopia/Make Games Africa. Here is an extended interview offering his insights on The Great Divide.

The Great Divide – Sithe Ncube

Sithe Ncube is a community organizer, developer as well as an active member of the African game development scene. She is also the founder of Prosearium (an initiative that aims to shine the spotlight and female developed games). Here is an extended interview offering her insights on The Great Divide.

The Great Divide

The north, south and sub-saharan regions might be part of the continent, but they face a plethora of economic and financial challenges. I explore the historical and cultural markers and delve into a collective desire to nurture a shared eco-system.

Malta Launches Strategy to Bolster Growth and Relationship with Africa

Malta and Africa: A strategy for partnership 2020-2025’, has been launched and concentrates on the exchange of wealth and creating opportunity between Malta and the continent of Africa. In terms of the African games industry, this is significant as it opens up the possibility of more investment and distribution possibilities. It also acknowledges the growing swell of interest in the continent and the need for a cohesive and united voice.