Kiro’o Games the Cameroonian studio reveals the new build of its mobile game Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter on Android and iOS. After a month of organic marketing, some KPIS indicates that the “wallbreakers” may be on to something.

Originally showcased and released in 2021, Kiro’o has been interating on Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter since its launch. Most Match3-RPGs are based on a western Dungeon and Dragon approach, with a slow paced Match3 rhythm and very nice visual effect. Kiroo Games decided to focus on a more Anime-Like-style, letting players match fast and get visual rewards with frenzy organic combos. The Kiro’o Team had to push their Astral Engine 4 (built on Unity) to its limits.

The Update by Numbers

  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): $1.19 (Previous build was $0.13) – 9X Evolution
  • Conversion Rate: 3.2% (Previously 0.4%) – 8X Evolution.
  • ARPPU: 37.56 USD (Previous build was 17USD) – 2X Evolution
  • Revenue in Oct 2023: +300 players by Organic Marketing in US, 175 USD revenue with 22 DAU and 90MAU. A baby step test, if Kiroo had scaled to 40K DAU (their business model target) they could have earn 318K USD with this ratio.
  • Average Time Per Session: 12min 38s (Previous Build was 6Min 58s) – 2X evolution

On this last metric, while the game is still incomplete, Aurion KGF is already above the Top 25% of game in term of Average time per session (>= 7Min). This is a HUGE victory giving a lot of room to the studio for monetization when the game will get all the features (events, Gaccha, etc.).

“Back in 2020, we started the mobile game development with a console mindset, betting too much on gameplay only. And Thanks to the African Games Week 2022 and hours of discussion with almost 10 mobile game publishers, we realized that beyond the gameplay, our mobile game has to have a huge Data-Driven foundation for the monetization, the retention and the scale,” says HONLA Eveline Lead Marketing of Kiroo Games.

The studio worked for months to revamp its core gameplay and have a better foundation for in-game economy.

“We analyzed the data from the previous build to identified the pain points for players. We also learned a lot about events, gaccha, Meta gameplay mechanics. We knew two things: It was impossible for us to build a scalable economy on the previous gameplay and we have to offer something more than the current best Match3-Games, says Ebo’o Yves Lead Game Developer of the studio.

In Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter, one plays as the King and Queen of Zama, who must stop the corruption of Kajuta that threatens the world of Aurioma. An action-packed adventure featuring matches of 3, 4 or 5 gems.

Kiro’o Games is renowned for being one of the first game studios in West Africa, developing the first African RPG (Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan) and is currently raising 500K USD today by equity (investors) and/or by Minimum guarantee (publisher) to extend the features and contents of Aurion KGF as well as to conduct more market test. The studio already secured 10% of the round by a senior producer in the gaming industry.

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