In a post Unity engine malaise, which has seen arguments touting the merits of differing engines such as Godot, new initiatives designed to educate developers on the best option have sprung up. One such initiative has been launched by Code Coven targeting among others – developers in Africa.

Code Coven provides marginalised developers with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the games industry. If you are ready to explore other flavors in the game engine universe? Their 3-week course serves as your tasting menu for the most talked-about engines: Unreal Engine 5, Godot 3 & 4, and more.

Navigating through extensive documentation, specifications, and terms of service can be a significant burden, especially when resources are limited. To address this, Code Coven is pleased to introduce the Engine Sampler course—designed to streamline critical information, enabling you to make informed decisions efficiently.

The three week course (totalling 12 hours) is now open to applications.