Tunisian, NewGen Studios have once again joined forces with Wandering Wizard to follow up their successful West Hunt with another foray into the social deduction genre with Zombie Within.

West Hunt has garnered a passionate following among online content creators since its release in 2022 culminating in the game shifting over 110K units.

In a social media post the publisher shared, “Snail, Inc. and our indie publishing arm, Wandering Wizard, are gearing up for spooky season with an exhilarating new addition to our portfolio: “Zombie Within.” Brace yourself for this chilling 1-6 player social deduction game where survivors battle undercover zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.” 

Zombie Within will take a page from West Hunt’s signature visual style and offer another take on the social deduction genre by having players inhabit the role of an infected, tasked with infiltrating a group of survivors.

No release date has been confirmed although it remains to be seen if the game will take a page from its predecessor and go into Early Access before a full 1.0 release which will likely be in 2024. Zombie Within has a Steam page for fans to follow the games development as well as wishlist.