A duo of Egyptian developers – Game Hermits and Shady El Mously (otherwise known as Split-E) have joined forces to develop and launch a new game on PC.

Game Hermits is an Egyptian-based game studio. They work mainly on outsourcing services as well as original IPs whilst Shady El Mously is a solo developer who has among others had previous stints at German based Black Forest Games.

In Zamakan, players take on the role of a space ship, representing an alternative reality where the ancient Egyptian civilization advanced to space travel.
The objective of the game is to travel as far as possible through an asteroid field without crashing into any obstacles. The game’s unique feature is the visualized time-space grid, where objects of different masses can bend the fabric of time-space.

Therefore, players need to maneuver their space ship through this challenging environment, using their skills and quick reflexes to avoid colliding with asteroids.

Zamakan is available to wishlist on Steam ahead of a PC release later this year.