Ethiopian, Qene Games are looking to bolster their numbers by hosting a hackathon. Aimed at digital game developers, the event will allow participants to showcase their skills. They are looking for creative and passionate developers to join them in creating the next big thing in gaming.

The hackathon will feature a theme (potentially a remaking of a popular video/mobile game) and will require teams of up to 2 developers to create a working game prototype within a 48-hour time period. Team will be provided with accommodation and meals during the hackathon and winning team will be award with gaming equipment, and gets the opportunity to work with us on a project basis and potentially join our team full-time.

Some things to keep in mind:

– Make sure you have access to the necessary software and equipment to create your project.
– We encourage you to participate individually or bring your own team, and also you’re welcome to participate for the fun of it.

Here are the details for the hackathon:

Date: April 28 – 30 (48 Hrs. Sleepover, Meal, Snacks, Restroom will be provided)
Location: Iceaddis, Behind Bole Medhanialem

For more information or to register
– Click this Link
– Call 0966817788,
– Email
– Join