Cameroonian studio, Noohkema Interactive are celebrating their seventh anniversary in 2023. Long established as the eminent studio from the West African nation, the company’s CEO Michel Nkuindja took to the stage in Finland to lift the lid on the studios upcoming title – Amma: Chronicles of Lost Stars.

The event which was staged during the Expa/IGDA Meetup in jyväskylä, precisely on January 26th and broadcast on Twitch centered on the game which is a story driven action adventure title focused on its mechanics, arts and inspiration.

This year marks the seventh year in which I launched Noohkema Interactive Inc. and the tenth in which I gave up everything to devote myself to an entrepreneurial journey. During all these years I initiated several projects simultaneously with the support of several teams dedicated to each project.

Michel Nkuindja

Amma: ColS is an artistically ambitious project with an important cause for popularizing and preserving African culture and mythologies, especially those of the Dogon tribe.

The full presentation can be viewed on Twitch right now.