A gaming project of the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg that promotes diversity and equality in and with the gaming industry. #EveryGamerCounts aims to strengthen the inclusion, networking and visibility of underrepresented groups in the South African gaming scene and creates platforms that put the issue of diversity up for discussion.


By organising game jams and panel discussions, where experts from all over the world discuss current issues in e-sports and the gaming community, it seeks to challenge existing stereotypes and raise awareness of obstacles faced by women, minorities and people with disabilities in the industry.
Together, we are thus working for more equal opportunities to contribute to a higher proportion of women, minorities and underrepresented groups in the computer games industry and to more diversity in computer games in the medium term.

#EveryGamerCounts will take place during the months of August and September 2022 with Game Jams in townships around Gauteng. To address issues of diversity and inclusion in gaming and e-sports, we are also hosting online panel discussions which will take place online in September.

To register for the next panel discussion on September 16th please follow the link here