Development teams from Nigeria and Tunisia have joined the 2022 incubator cohort at the Tentacle Zone.

The Tentacle Zone Incubator is a four month virtual games incubator programme for early stage developers from underrepresented backgrounds from across the world.

Alheri Games which is a two person team from Lagos, Nigeria. Co-founded by Moses Adamu, Alheri Games is a development company currently specialising in the development of hyper casual mobile games.

Project Kesh is being developed by Kolena Studio out of Tunisia. The three person outfit is represented by Mohammad Ashour as they flesh out their combat deckbuilder.

The Tentacle Zone incubator program which is now in its second year also showcased 11 other developers from around the world and will be guided by mentors and tutors that include, but not limited to: Maria Sayans, Rami Ismael, Des Gayle and more.