As GIA closes out another year of news and initiatives designed to support the growth of the African games industry, we wanted to briefly say a massive thank you!

Thank you to the industry, which despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic has found new ways to be seen, heard and thrive.

Thank you to the amazing writers and contributors who have shared not only news, but their unique stances on the state of gaming from their perspectives. GIA has grown to include two paid writers, but we hope we can increase that number by at least another two. With a particular emphasis on Arabic and Francophone speaking games industries.

Finally and most importantly, a big thanks to YOU! For finding your way to this blog and choosing to spend a little time learning about the many developers and games being developed across Africa. GIA is a small platform funded by some amazing patreons and supporters. The continued work being built on this platform wouldn’t be able to persist without them. If you have the means and would like to continue to support GIA, visit Patreon to learn more.

2022 will bring its share of challenges, but along with shining a spotlight on the the people and games being made across the continent, we hope to explore rarely covered areas of the industry.

Thank you for 2021 and we wish the industry and readers a safe and much more fruitful 2022. We’ll be back in the middle of January.