It’s far from anything definitive and vague anticipation is the name of the game, but we finally have the first indication of the first public hands on with The Wagadu Chronicles.

Developed by Twin Drums, the MMORPG with an Afrofantasy setting is the Accra/Berlin based outfit’s love letter to the art of role playing and with a potential release likely at the tail end of 2023, any hopes of some up close and personal time with the game seemed a long way off…until their most recent public update.

In preparation for next year’s alpha in which we will finally welcome some of you backers into the game, we have been building the tools to allow us to support you and administer gameplay. Our main goal is to make sure that we can offer a tool for support when the servers are up and running. Additionally we want to use these tools as the foundation for our DM tool-set; for instance we’ll be able to create mini-interactive quests and spice up your Wagadu experience as live NPCs. We are currently also using this feature to support the testing of our in-game features.

In addition to the above, the Twin Drums continues to bolster their ranks with the recruitment of three new profiles to the increasingly diverse team. Michelle Than, Kira Farron and Dominion Eromosele will be lending their talents to the art and game design teams respectively. Regular readers to GIA might recognize Dominion Eromosele as one of the recipients to the DGDF Fund earlier in 2021.

Twin Drums which is fronted by Allan Cudicio received a game grant from ‘Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur’ (federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure) and a loan from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg in September 2021.