The Business of Gaming Forum is a gaming industry conference that informs and showcases a wide range of opportunities and business pillars within the gaming industry: Esports, Game Development and everywhere brands intersect.

For this year’s forum, they’re going online and have yet again assembled a cavalcade of speakers from across the planet to discuss all the greatest opportunities, key insights and thought leadership to discuss the Business of Gaming.

Some of the companies they’ve had at previous forums: PlayStation, Kickstarter, Twitch, International Game Developers Association Foundation, Amazon Web Services, and much more!

This year, they will be having even more industry leaders and innovators from Google, Microsoft, XBOX, EA – DICE, Activision/Blizzard, Epic Games, Branded Entertainment Network, Global Esports Federation, Outpost Capital and more!

NOTE: Delegates will also be able to chose individual tracks and mix and match or purchase a full ticket to the whole show.

This years event will run from November 10 – 12 2021.

For the full event program as well as to register to the event, visit the BOGF website.