After almost two months, the submission phase of the AGDP Fund is now closed. GIA along with its partners would love to thank all developers and creators to who has shared their numerous ideas and passion projects.

We received just short of seventy applications with a diverse spread encompassing the length and breadth of the continent. Twelve different African countries to be exact.

The applications did throw up some unique insights which challenge some of the perceptions of gaming across the continent. Whilst the mobile platform unquestionably dominates across the continent, submissions with projects being developed for other platforms are increasingly on the rise, with 41% of submitted prototypes currently being developed for the PC.

It does offer a lot for the jury to chew on. Consisting primarily of key industry voices and faces within the indie space and making up the core of The Indie Houses, the group will help to review submissions to the fund and help decide the eventual recipients of the grants.

Sara Johana / Kris Antoni (Toge Productions)
David Logan / Alyssa Kollgaard (Akupara Games)
Nathan Gary / Jon McElroy (Annapurna Games)
Gerinda Meijerink (Raw Fury)
Vladislav Tsypljak / Iain Garner (Neon Doctrine)
Frank Meijer (Those Awesome Guys)
Chris Wright / Des Gayle / Marla Fitzsimmons / Spencer Hayes (Fellow Traveller)
Brian Wilson (Whitethorn Games)
Vic Bassey (Games Industry Africa)

The next phase of the fund is a review of all submissions which will hopefully be done by the end of November and the winners announced in December.