Ethiopian casual games developer Qene Games have added Qene LiveOps to their growing library of tools, hinting at a grander strategic goal.

Qene LiveOps is a tool that allows them to release special offers, events and live configs without having their players download individual updates for their games.

Speaking on the feature launch, Qene Games CEO, Dawit Abraham expanded on the thinking behind Qene LiveOps.

“Long terms it’s one of the tools we’re building to basically make game development easier especially now that we have a couple of games already built, and a lot of shared modules each game uses.”

Qene Games are acclaimed developers of Gebeta, Kukulu and Feta. They also signed a global publishing deal with South African based publisher – Carry1st in late 2020.

“We hope to make these tools available to other developers who want to spend less time on these types of low level coding and focus on creating good games. Definitely one of the packages we will offer game developers who want to publish their games on our Kinet Store ” Abraham added.

The hint of a Kinet Store is an exciting one, and hints at an increasing crop of entrepreneurs that include among others Jiwe, Gara Store and Bonako Games Arena keen to capitalize on the growing pool of developers across the continent.