Noohkema Game Studios, the first game company of Noohkema Interactive Inc. releases the “early release version of Afro Warriors: Battle for Power on Google play. Built in Unity, the game will also be available on Apple platform soon.

Founded in 2017, Noohkema Interactive launched a series of teams (independent studios, with specific managers and budgets and working on specific game IPs). For the past two years, their very first studio ‘Noohkema Game Studios’, based in Cameroon, has been working on the game Afro Warriors: Battle of Power.

Afro Warriors: Battle for Power, a fighting game featuring the deities and heroes of Africa. This game will be the very first fighting game, ranking in the category of games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but featuring Africa, its landscapes, martial techniques etc… It has been designed with the DNA of eSport game; with Afro Warriors, our structure comes to propose the very first game made in Africa intended for eSport competitions and tournaments.

The characters of the game are all inspired by the legends and mythology of the pantheon of African deities, which gives us a very wide field where our creators draw inspiration to propose original characters to which will identify over the years, more than 80% of the cultures of the continent.

Their second team, Joinplay Games, is working on Amma: Chronicles of Lost Stars, a game that received funding from both the Humble Black Game Dev Funds program and Epic MegaGrant. More information will be revealed on that game soon.