Kiro’o Games continues to push onwards with the continued diversification of the Aurion brand following the announcement of a new spin-off set to arrive on smartphones entitled Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter.

Whilst details on the actual gameplay are scarce, what is known is that the new entry into the Aurion portfolio will allow players to break and harness the power of gems on their way to victory.

The news which was revealed by the CEO of the Cameroonian studio, Olivier Madiba is in line with the company’s strategy to build on the success of their acclaimed title and follows swiftly on the heels of a signed representation agreement with France based Mounia Aram to “oversee” the cross media expansion strategy of the Aurion brand in Europe.

Kiro’o Games is renowned for being one of the first game studios in West Africa, developing the first African RPG (Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan) and most recently a crowdfunded investment callout that has garnered significant financial support.

Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter is expected to launch on Google Play on July 1 2021.