Work on Twin Drums’ Afrofantasy MMO The Wagadu Chronicles continues apace. The Ghana / Berlin based studio which is fronted by Allan Cudicio and also became the first recipient of Riots developer fund following a successful Kickstarter announced the addition of acclaimed artist via a community update.

Please join us in welcoming the incredibly talented, Nigeria-based artist, Harrison Yinfaowei to our team, who will be joining our art team for a few months to help bring Wagadu’s unique architecture to life. We are amazed by his beautiful snapshots of African-inspired worlds and are incredibly excited to share the magic that will surely follow.

In addition to the Harrison joining the team, Twin Drums also had some first glimpses of the world since their first trailer. It features the biomes they are currently working on, forest and desert. With Savanna to be revealed soon.

As you might have seen from the video, they haven’t forgotten about the other in-game environments! Work is continuing on new trees and points of interest for their savanna-themed environments as well as new textures for the crafting and environmental materials.