A handful of game developers and creators from across the African continent have become recipients of the Diverse Game Developers Fund – most notably in the scholarship and prototype categories.

Nigerians David Olamide and Arutu Gaming collective received funds in the scholarship and prototype categories respectively. David Olamide is a self-taught indie game developer from Nigeria with 3+ years of experience in the Game Development Industry and co founder of Dimension 11 studios (currently developing their first title).

Arutu Gaming is a five person team working on a hyper-casual title called Conqueror of Words. Takunde Chingonzo and Nchima Kapoma from Zimbabwe and South African were the other recipients.

The Diverse Game Developers Fund was launched in early 2021 with the goals of administering at least $200,000 directly to independent developers and studios for expanding on prototypes. With an additional $50,000 earmarked for academic scholarships and remaining funds used as cash prizes for game jams. 

A steering committee including former Microsoft game publishing vice president Edward Fries, Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail, Founder of Curran Games Agency (CGA) Cassia Curran, Patreon head of policy Laurent Crenshaw, Game Jolt CEO Yaprak DeCarmine, Shark Tank consultant Brandon Andrews, former Crystal Dynamics lead producer Shana Bryant, Games and Learning CTO Mark DeLoura, HBCU direct gaming CEO Rod Chappell, former PAX content director Guy “Yug” Blomberg, and others oversaw the fund.