Creative Pixel Academy is a Nigerian startup looking to fill a void based on a shortage of skill acquisition courses targeted solely at the creative industry in sectors of gaming, animation and motion media.

In the latest series of workshops organized by the outfit, seasoned industry veteran, Jason Della Rocca will present a recipe for delivering the perfect game project pitch.

In addition to doing a slide-by-slide breakdown, the process of securing pitch meetings, and how to best manage pitch timing and delivery will also be covered.

This session is open to all gaming studio heads and their development team. Discounts of 10% will be applied to studios with more than 4 people. An attendance fee of USD $50/NGN 24,000 per participant is required to attend this session on Zoom. Upon participant confirmation, an account will be provided for payment

Interested participants are required to sign up at

Activity Specification: Guest Series 1

Time: 3pm WAT

Duration: 1hr 30 mins

Date: June 14th

Creative Pixel Academy is managed by Benedict Olumhense and features an advisory board that includes among others Kate Edwards (former Executive Director of IGDA) and Jake Manion (Usiku Games)