The Wagadu Chronicles, an MMORPG with an Afrofantasy setting is Twin Drums love letter to the art of role playing. The Ghana / Berlin based studio which is fronted by Allan Cudicio also became the first recipient of Riots developer fund following a successful Kickstarter.

In a series of updates, the studio also shed some light on a lot of the technical network systems and inventory management systems being implemented.

“The tech team has been working on the first concepts for the memory allocation system, updating our networking solution and making improvements to various functions of the game including the player inventory management system and login interfaces!”

There has been A LOT going on visually with the game since our last update, so many aspects of our terrains being fleshed out even further. A great amount of focus has gone into the ground level of our beloved rainforest terrain with the creation of the various textures and layers of lush undergrowth as well as the combined effort of the design, art and tech teams to implement functioning gatherable items and locations. 

Yep, alongside all of the above, work on spirits is still in full throttle with more spirit models, biome colour variants for these models and animations joining the existing body of work.

The team also spoke about The Girl and The Prophecy, a Wagadu Chronicles one-shot stream in collaboration with BlackwaterDND which took place on 24th March! The game was run by Allan and featured a very talented cast as newly fallen Wagadians. The session was recorded and can be found here for those of you who would like to check it out!