South African outfit, Kimard Studio have r Static City Math, an educational game allowing one to better their math skills while earning real estates through more than 1000 random exercises for addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. Along with the title, the studios front figure Arnaud Kimaud has outlined plans to break into the esports space.

“Locally we are well aware of a lot of esport tournaments done for entertainment games however nothing for edutainment. We see a lot of challenges around early adoptions  from users as well as fitting into the timing and curriculum which the school have to allow for their learners to also be represented in the tournament. these are challenges we are to deal with when we conclude the planning and we have a certain school interested,” he said.

“We have announced our big vision to have learners play tournaments using our game in our esport events. We are starting that journey with ranking players on the e-sport online leaderboard. It will be running for 5 months and each month will have a winner rewarded with a prize of R500 minimum” Kimaud added.

The studios goal has always been to innovate through the way future learners consume content. In the current highly digital interactive world and the pandemic, they foresee growth in the need to simplify how users interact with their everyday content.  

Static City Math can be downloaded on: