Rwandan outfit, Augmented Future Ltd has joined forces with Imagine We to add interactivity to Imagine We’s portfolio of books.

Augmented Future Ltd uses augmented and virtual reality combined with 2D/3D animations to add engagement and interactivity to new and existing books and textbooks.

Augmented Future Ltd has worked with Imagine We Ltd to digitize one of the best-selling books – The ABCs of Rwanda- to make it scannable using the Augmented Future mobile app in order to unleash augmented reality-based content for an engaging and interactive experience unleashing fun and learning with every page of the

“At Augmented Future, we are passionate about unleashing value from existing content and books to support play-based learning of Rwandan children and the youth. This important partnership with Imagine We extends our ability to reach more children and youth”, said the Augmented Future Ltd Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Jean Confident Irene NIYIZIBYOSE. “We also want to inculcate the culture of reading into children and youth by making it fun and inclusive”, he added.

The Augmented Future app is downloadable from the Android play store.