South African Team Lazerbeam have had a whirlwind start to the year. From discovering that their zany Teenage Blob was selected to rub shoulders with other gaming stalwart by being nominated for the “Best Music in a Game” in the New York Game Awards to significant progress to their WWE love letter – Wrestling with Emotions 2.

“We’re pushing on with the prototype for Wrestling With Emotions 2, and it’s shaping up to be something very special! Most of our efforts have been going into research, writing and programming, but we’ve also been making a little time to start messing around with art ideas.”

Formed in late 2014, when friends Jason Sutherland, Richard Pieterse and Ben Rausch joined forces to make a game for Ludlum Dare 31, Team Lazerbeam philosophy is on making short, cute, surreal, personal experiences about junk food and feelings.

Keen to follow the development of the wrestlers as they come together? The team regularly share teasers and behind the scenes bits and bobs over on their TwitterDiscord and Instagram