Kenyan based developer, Kevin Omyonga might be a relatively new entrant to the mobile gaming space. However, he hopes Dhoruba will be the gateway to more opportunities developing gaming apps. This is his profile.

How did you get into development?

I have been a software engineer since 2012 and have developed a number of applications the most successful being WhistleFlare and Pregnancy Tracker. In 2017, I managed to save up enough money to buy my first Macbook and this opened up the door for me to begin iOS app development.

What was the first game you made and how did that come about?

In 2020 during the Corona outbreak, while most of us were forced to work remotely, I sat home and the repetitive routine of waking up, working, eating and sleeping got quite dull. I decided to challenge myself by doing something I had promised myself to one day do. Make a game. I watched some YouTube tutorials and begun my first project designated KINGA. I worked on it over a weekend for 48hrs straight. The game was initially meant to be about protecting a healthy cell from attacking Corona virus cells, but it was rejected by Apple for being an attempt to profit from the epidemic and they stated it could offend some people.

How did you manage that setback?

This was unfortunate but I took it in stride and quickly pivoted the idea to make it what it is today. A game about protecting a cookie from some pesky flies. I released to both Android and iOS because I knew it would make the marketing easier with a two pronged approach. Nothing worse than having a potential user tell you that they are not on your supported platform.

When did the idea for Dhoruba come about?

As the end of 2020 neared, I got an email from Apple stating that my developer membership was about to expire. I decided that I had to make one more game for the year and thus Dhoruba was born. I used all the lessons I had learned from making KINGA and was able to make it significantly better. It too is available on both Android and iOS. Both games are 2D as I viewed this as the best starting point. The simplicity helped me complete and publish them in a short time and this achievement boosted my morale to go for even greater challenges. 

What’s next?

As of right now I operate as a lone wolf. I handle the coding, design, art, music and marketing. I do however rely on friends and word of mouth to get my games out there. Perhaps as I get my footing in the industry and get more experience I will be able to assemble a team to lighten my load.