Brick and mortar events aren’t dead, but the year 2020 was a year that showed them up for what they tend to be. Crowded, loud and sometimes restrictive. Whilst the adoption to digital was sudden and natural for some, it proved challenging for others. This list (in no particular order) is an acknowledgement of the excellent organizers and auteurs, who found inventive ways for the gaming community to congregate, converse and create. This is a list of the best games industry events in 2020.


Two week long smorgasbord of game jams, webinars that featured international speakers. For a maiden event, it got off to a strong start.

Fak’ugesi Festival

Well versed event now in its sixth year. The Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival is rooted in showcasing and developing skills in technology, art and culture in Africa. It’s curated ‘People of Play’ exhibition put the talented developers front and centre against a backdrop of colour and verve.

SA Game Jam

An annual competition sponsored by Cape Town based developers, Free Lives. In a year, when the local community required some solace from the looming shadow of 2020, this event was a welcome respite.

Africa Games + Esports Careers Day

Aimed at students and anyone looking to pursue a career in the games industry, the  free virtual event focused on educating and exciting attendees.


Now in its fourth year, FEJA straddled a fine line between a digital component to its well established large scale fair setting. It’s arguably one of the most important events in the gaming calendar and with a newly inducted awards event, cements its status as an event not to be missed.

Africa Games Week

The transition to a fully virtual event was seamless and had the usual array of talks and the ever excellent Nordic Game Discovery Contest. It’s joint session with FEJA was a feature to bridge the perceived gap between the South and rest of Africa.

Business of Gaming Forum

Now in its third year, the South African based Business of Gaming Forum (BOGF) brought a more personal touch by creating Campfire Stories which gave delegates the opportunity to hear real-life success stories in a more relaxed and intimate manner. In a digital setting, this touch of soul gave the event some much needed gravitas.

School Esports League (SEL)

Nigerian Kucheza Gaming in partnership with Mettlestate and Big5 Games announces the first season of its annual School Esports League (SEL) kicking off virtually. What makes this event unique is its focus on developing the younger and next generation of competitive gamers.