Kenyan, Jiwe studios have finally lifted the lid on USONI, their first project along with an alpha build of the game. Usoni is based on a book of the same name which is set in the year 2063, when Europe has exhausted all its resources. Africa becomes the cradle of hope, and all have their eyes set on seeing the sun again.

Speaking on the announcement, Dean Gichukie, head of marketing said, “We’re planning on having it on alpha for a few weeks as we collect feedback and get into a beta release before a public one in 2021. There is voice acting in the game.

“The game has a few unique puzzles that challenge the player on their way to Africa, the motherland. The player dodges soldiers poisonous gas and zombies in their quest to survive the harsh environments of post apocalyptic Europe,” he added.

The game is a puzzle platformer set for release on PC with an Android version to follow shortly afterwards. The alpha is being run on the Jiwe website.