Kayfo Games have had their first mobile title – Afro Juggle snapped up by French publisher and digital distributor, Plug in Digital.

The Senegalese outfit, which is fronted by Julien Herbin has a couple of titles under its belt and prior to an assault of Covid-19 on the industry had planned to release three titles in 2020.

Plug In Digital is one of the largest independent video game distributors as well as also operates as a video game publisher with two distinct labels: Dear Villagers, built around a restricted editorial line on PC and console, and PID Publishing, calibrated for flexible publishing and co-publishing offers on all platforms

Afro Juggle is a game of reflex where you play Moussa, a young football player who wants to go pro. The longer you juggle, the more Moussa will play in professional stadiums and in front of a bigger public. You can also choose a country and become the champion of the greatest African tournament!