After thirty days of a Kickstarter campaign that was a foregone conclusion after the fourth day, The Wagadu Chronicles has been successfully crowdfunded. 2,659 backers pledged €163,910 to help bring the project to life and left the studio delirious with joy.

“We can’t even begin to express how humbled and joyful we are about these last weeks. You have made it possible for us to make The Wagadu Chronicles even better than we thought it could ever be. THANK YOU SO MUCH to every single one of you – you are AMAZING! Thanks to you we can proceed to develop representation and the whole RPG genre in ways that have never been done before – we are changing media and YOU are part of this.” shared Allan Cudicio to backers.

The Wagadu Chronicles, an MMORPG with an Afrofantasy setting is Twin Drums love letter to the art of role playing. One informed by more than 20 years of Dungeons & Dragons play and MMO community experience going back to Ultima Online.