In February, earlier this year Nigerian based, Gbrossoft announced their decision to postpone their game Outliver: Tribulation, citing a need to polish and bolster the games structure and game play.

“Due to our desire to make the game more robust, polished and deliver optimal user experience, we would like to announce the postponement of the game’s release to a later date which would be communicated in the course of the year. We apologize for this delay and implore your continued understanding. In the meantime, please download the updated demo of Outliver: Tribulation. We hope to get your feedback on game-play and tips towards improving the game.”

They have now provided an update, showcasing some of the visual upgrades to the game.

“Since we postponed the release of Outliver: Tribulation, we’ve been hard at work overhauling and fleshing out the lore and gameplay storyline as well as creating an immersive and photo-realistic world. We’ve improved on the scene lighting, dialogue, puzzle and map system as well as the combat and teleportation system”

They have also brushed up on the African rustic feel. Next up they plan to work on character design; redesigning the old and adding cool new ones.

Outliver: Tribulation is an Unreal developed game targeting a PC release.