A new studio has popped up in Kenya and its name is Jiwe Studios. The young team of creatives, visual artists, gamers and enthusiasts is fronted by Max Musau and are currently working on their first game, USONI, a post apocalyptic Sci-Fi title that follows Ophelia’s journey back home to Turkana.

“Our vision in the studio to create unique game experiences and to empower game developers on the African continent to build and distribute video games and in the process showcasing a rarely seen side of Africa,” Musau said.

Usoni is based on a book of the same name which is set in the year 2063, when Europe has exhausted all its resources. Africa becomes the cradle of hope, and all have their eyes set on seeing the sun again. Usoni is a journey to the future… to a better life in Africa.

As of yet, no visuals, gameplay or platform details have been revealed, but that is sure to change as Jiwe Studio gets on more solid footing.