The continent welcomes another industry event this week. Africa comicade Gamathon is a hackathon focused on bringing Africa’s game developers together to design and develop games that would impact Africa’s ever-growing game development industry. 

Founded by members of the gaming space including Oluseye, a former executive at Maliyo games and regional partner for Africa Technology foundation, Wendi, a creative writer with Enter Africa Kenya, Oscar, a former executive at Center4Tech currently an EIT at Mest Africa, Tosin, a game and XR developer as well as the community lead for Throne of Gamers and more, they are certain they can drive change in the sector and are very excited about the potential impact they can achieve.

They chose a gamathon because it is one of the best ways for game developers to discover themselves and people alike. Herein, they’ll learn and try out new stuff, think outside the box, and above all, collaborate with new people.

The virtual event which will run from August  24 – 30 will take place in six African communities (South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, and Ghana ). It is open to both newbies and professionals playing a role in the gaming industry, be it as a game developer,  gamer, animator, sound engineer, or more. The game jam itself would run for 48 hours from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th, August, after being preceded by lots of activities like talk sessions,  webinars and even training from industry experts and sponsors, on how to better navigate upwards in the industry and make use of industry standard tools.

To learn more, visit the Africacomicade website.