A trio of developers based in the Southern region of Africa have joined forces to create a nostalgic experience as part of the Brackeys Game Jam. This years theme being Rewind.

Namibian Chubo Zeko worked on game design and programming. Tutaleni Ilonga oversaw art and graphics, whilst Mwaaba Alec Mugala from Zambia worked on the music and sound.

Speaking on their approach to the project, Tutaleni said, “With the Brackeys Game Jam theme being “Rewind”, Chubo thought of the different things that could be rewound, like for example time. Eventually I thought about Cassette tapes and VHS tapes that could be rewound in the game. Usually for Game Jams, I (Chubo) would make 2D platform games, but this time we thought to make a Puzzle or Card game.

Initially, the game rules were constructed using a deck of playing cards, then once the rules were set, we began designing and coding the game. While experimenting with Audio in Unity, we wanted to incorporate playing music, either normally or in reverse (“rewind”),” he concluded.

Brackeys Game Jam is an annual event that brings together developers for a week long bout making a complete game based around a specific theme and then voted on by the other participants

Cassette Roulette can be experienced on itch.io.