After a short delay hyper casual mobile title – Gebeta has finally received an online multiplayer feature. Developed by Qene Technologies, the mode marks a significant milestone for the Ethiopian studio and its publisher Carry1st.

Honestly, this is more than just a game launch for us. When we started out in 2016, there was not a single registered gaming studio in Ethiopia. Building games and animation were far fetched hobbies. And starting a business in the gaming industry was considered a ridiculous fantasy. And most importantly, Africa was largely excluded from the digital world of art.

Dawit Abraham

Mancala or Gebeta (as it’s known in Ethiopia and Eritrea) is one of the oldest board games in history. The similarity of some aspects of the game to agricultural activity and the absence of a need for specialized equipment present the intriguing possibility that it could date to the beginnings of civilization itself.

Qene Technologies which is fronted by Dawit Abraham has always been driven by a desire to develop games with a strong African narrative. Gebeta is currently available on Android with an iOS version in the works.