Kenyan developers, Craftscore have released their second title – Terrestrial Rush. Inspired by the fast-paced nature of aircraft combat, Terrestrial Rush is a mobile action game about exploration of alien planets and survival against adversaries in aerial, rocket powered dog fights.

In the game one inhabits the role of a combat fighter and push your reflexes to the limit in fast-paced aerial battles against hordes of alien fighters.

Terrestrial Rush is Craftscores second foray into the mobile gaming space following the release of Top Dash – an endless runner.

Craftscore is a Kenyan studio founded in October 2018 by Chris Martin Amunga and Rafael Maithya Kioko during their senior year in college. Their passion for gaming and their frustration with some of the games they
played led them to try their hands at game development.

Terrestrial Rush is available to download from the Google store now.