Kiroo Games look set to release their latest project – a mobile game that delves into life as a West African civil servant entitled Le Responsable MBOA.

Yaounde based Kiroo Games rose to prominence for their work on Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, an action RPG that broke new ground for challenging perception of what themes a role playing game explored. It released on PC and was published by French based publisher – Dear Villagers. Le Responsable MBOA is taking a different route. It will be mobile based, self published and delves deep into the daily grind of an African civil worker.

This is probably Cameroon’s most anticipated smartphone game. We were supposed to release it in 2019, but we wanted to master the technology used to make it a masterpiece. So it will arrive in 2020 (it comes out when it comes out)

Olivier Madiba

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