HIPS Africa is a new mobile title developed by small Kenyan outfit M-Egg which visually and literally highlights Africas diverse and rich geography.

HIPS is an acronym for ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ hence the name HIPS Africa. The game contains features that help the user learn about Africa’s shapes, capitals and flags. Furthermore, the game enhances the gamer’s hand-eye coordination, brain function and technical skills.

It is generally known that Africa is a vast community comprised of 54 resourceful countries in its vast continental space. However, in this large village, it has become evident that neighbouring countries are unaware and know little about each other geographically and symbolically.

Studio founder – Armstrong

User reviews have held the game to be interesting, fun and educative. In addition, it has been noted to be a positive step coherent to the ‘Buy Kenyan, Build Kenyan Initiative’. The gaming company is also prospective in forming partnerships and collaborations with like-minded and purpose-driven agencies that will uplift Africa’s collective nature of togetherness and oneness.

HIPS Africa has been available for about three weeks and has been installed and used by individuals from various countries such as Cotè d’Ivoire, Mauritius, Comoros, Estonia, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and the United States of America. The company hopes to get the entire continental village on board.

HIPS Africa is available now on the Google Play store.